They say “Protect yourself at all times”, but this is ridiculous

They say “Protect yourself at all times”, but this is ridiculous

Watch for Falling Ice has a whole new meaning now

Sometimes you have to see something to believe it. From the files of, yes, this really happened, comes a crazy fight video. Say you’re a boxer, and you work your butt off and get the victory in the biggest fight of your career. Pretty glorious moment right?  Well, remember to protect yourself at all times, there’s a bucket of ice hurling at your head. Boom. You’re out.

That’s what happened in the Bell Centre in Montreal after a riot in the stands lead to four being hospitalized and a fighter getting Knocked Out by an ice bucket.  Poor sports are a real drag.  They show up to sporting events and either because they’re over-exuberant or because they’re drunk, they act a fool. The fleas come with the dog. Tell me the last time you went to a pro sporting event and didn’t want to throttle some idiot sitting nearby. I’ll wait.

After a boxing match between hometown favorite Steven Butler and outsider Brandon Cook went in Cook’s favor, things got ugly. People starting throwing things into the ring, and Cook was struck with an ice bucket, knocking him out.

It’s one of those things, the fight business is not for the faint of heart, or the soft of head.