Idris Elba: Fighter. Trailer for his documentary on becoming a pro kickboxer

Idris Elba: Fighter. Trailer for his documentary on becoming a pro kickboxer

You may or may not have known that Idris Elba was in a fight. I know what you are thinking,

“Sure I saw him fight. He played Heimdall in Thor and was guardian of the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge in Asgard. He fought people all the time!”

OK, maybe that wasn’t what you were thinking, because you’re not totally pathetic like I am.

Late in October 2016, a video surfaced of Idris Elba participating in a professional kickboxing match. Madonna posted it to her Instagram for the world to see. Yes, that Madonna. It was news for a quick second, before people moved on. I’m sure they had to talk about Conor McGregor being spotted buying eggs or something.

Today, the Discovery Channel posted the trailer for Idris Elba: Fighter and it looks awesome. The pixelated little video from Madonna’s iphone was simply the fight itself. The Discovery Channel filmed a year long documentary that focused on Elba’s training, as well as his journey. Discovery UK describes the show:

“In the brand new series, IDRIS ELBA: FIGHTER, Elba will undertake the most demanding experience of his career – training to become a professional kickboxer and ultimately compete against a seasoned fighter in a no-holds-barred bout.

Shot on location in Great Britain, Cuba, Japan, South Africa and Thailand, this is no act. There is no script. This fight is real as are the potential repercussions.”

It’s always fascinating to see the common man take on such extraordinary challenges. The actor, DJ, musician, and now FIGHTER, Idris Elba is that man.

To learn more about the show that will air in 3 parts, starting on January 17 go to Discovery UK.