Interesting factoid that may alter your opinion of Germaine de Randamie vs Holly Holm

I don’t claim to know everything about MMA, but I am confident that I know a lot. Nobody is more knowledgeable about the rules in Mixed Martial Arts, than Big John McCarthy. In fact, John he has written most of them.

When Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie fought at UFC 208 this past weekend, fans lost their minds about potential fouls in the fight. It’s Monday and those same fans are still going on about what they feel was a great injustice. Germaine de Randamie has received a plethora of hate towards her, since her two late shots against Holly Holm.

Now for the interesting part. Here is the factoid that I had no idea was a real thing.

Did you know that? I didn’t know that. We always assume the horn blowing is the OFFICIAL end of the round. According to Big John McCarthy, it’s only a signal that the round is over. It’s a referee’s job to physically stop the contest.

I think it’s fair to say that referee Todd Anderson made a mistake in not stepping in sooner on both instances. He is human however, and there’s 18,000 people screaming during the main event of a title fight. The fact remains though; A round does not end until the referee calls the round. Anderson chose not to take a point and we have Germaine de Randamie as your new UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.

It may have been two cheap shots, but according to the rules, they were legal cheap shots.

You learn something new, every day.