Internet tough-guy who challenged Garbrandt, took the biggest L in history

Internet tough-guy who challenged Garbrandt, took the biggest L in history

Remember our article about the internet weight lifter guy who challenged Cody Garbrandt to a fight? Well, Cody waited for him and the guy ran away with his tail between his legs. However, the guy won’t shut up about how it was Cody that ran away.

Without re-hashing the original story too much… Basically, this guy who lifts weights called out Cody. So, Cody gave the address to where he trains. Then weightlifting guy posted fake videos, showed fake promos, and had paid Bruce Buffer for one of his custom messages. He bought a ticket and flew out to Sacramento to fight Cody (I think he actually drove out and lied about it).

The thing is, Cody Garbrandt doesn’t play around. Cody waited at Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness for three hours yesterday. After being sick of waiting, he left. As SOON as Cody left, the guy said he was on his way. Again, Cody doesn’t play around. He left his phone number at the desk and told the guy to call him when he was there.

Of course, knowing he was safe, weight lifting guy went into the gym. “Is Cody here?”, he asked the front desk guy with a breaking voice. He was absolutely terrified.

The guy at the front desk offered him water and a towel while he waited.  For two minutes, this clown sat in the lobby talking on his phone saying he wasn’t scared. He had Cody’s phone number but didn’t call him like Cody asked. A Team Alpha Male guy saw him and immediately started laughing at him. They told weight lifter guy that Cody was on his way back and he said, “Well, Cody isn’t here. So, I’m leaving.” You got a plane ticket and flew to Sacramento, but you are leaving when he says he is on his way? I digress.

He began streaming how mad he was that Cody showed up and that his teammates were trying to jump him. FYI, no one attempted that. He was so irate that he had to calm down in a Starbucks.  When he said this over the live stream, Cody got word of it. He went to the Starbucks and weight lifter guy ran for his life.

This dude can talk as much as he wants, but 99.9% of the people who watched this, laughed hysterically at him. I haven’t seen this bad of a beatdown since Kurt Russell berated Billy Bob Thorton in ‘Tombstone’.

Then came the most laughable social media post from this whole thing.

Watch the whole thing unfold on video: