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D-Bag internet sensations, The Paul Brothers, start calling out UFC fighters

It’s 2018 and internet sensations that you may have never heard of are more famous than your favorite actors. Having a 16-year-old son myself, I’ve learned that there are a handful of superstars with an enormous social media following. Most of these internet celebrities are uber famous among kids and they use that fame as a platform to do good in the world act like an asshole, every chance they get.

Two of the most famous (and most hated) are Jake and Logan Paul. Currently, the brothers are beefing with other internet celebrities and are set to have a boxing match this month. Odds are that this will get more views than Mayweather/McGregor and I’m not even kidding. Even the UFC have been promoting their fights.

Speaking of the UFC, the Paul brothers seem to want to transition to the Octagon. They called out CM Punk and Conor McGregor for fights. In this day and age, I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened. Despite the brothers doing a boxing match, they both have wrestled their entire life. This alone makes the odds much higher in favor of us seeing them in the UFC.

I wish I was joking, but if CM Punk is allowed to fight in the UFC…