Invicta fighter Celine Haga choked her opponent out, but lost, sets up GoFundMe.

Invicta fighter Celine Haga choked her opponent out, but lost, sets up GoFundMe.

In short, Celine Haga got screwed at her Invicta FC debut last month. After choking her opponent unconscious and the final bell rang, the referee chose not to call it a finish. As we reported last month, Celine appealed the decision to the Missouri Athletic Commission and got denied.

If you haven’t seen it, this is the ending.

Most fighters like to have their injustices rectified, as does anyone. In MMA, winning and losing can be the difference in hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not only do fighters continue to lose money from recurring incompetence of judges and refs, but they also have to deal with the pain of losing. Imagine winning and then taking a loss for it. Then, taking another loss when trying to correct it. That sucks.

I do not like GoFundMe when it is used for shallow reasons, like a teenage girl wanting a car. When GoFundMe is used correctly, it’s a fantastic tool. This is one of those scenarios. When you see a disservice being done to someone and you have the opportunity to help; Well, that’s what loving your fellow man is all about. Right? If no one in an official position will help Haga right the wrong that was done to her, then why not go to your peers?

A lot of people say she shouldn’t set the page up and just eat the loss. Her goal is $2,500, not $25,000. It’s roughly the price fanboys are willing to pay for a pay-per-view, with Conor McGregor making toast and eggs. I guarantee you, at least $2,000 is money owed for training camp.

At the top of the donation list, two names jump out at you. Roxanne Modafferi and Kevin Iole. A UFC veteran and the lead writer for Yahoo. They are both better people than I am, I can tell you that. The MMA community is unforgiving and harsh, but when something happens to one of their own, people always tend to rise up.

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