Is Tyron Woodley shrinking? UFC 228 poster sure looks like it.

Is Tyron Woodley shrinking? UFC 228 poster sure looks like it.

Tyron Woodley is three inches shorter than Darren Till.

The UFC 228 poster looks like a matchup between Yao Ming and Steph Curry. I mean, Till just towers over Woodley int he photo and you have to wonder if it’s a not so subtle ploy by the UFC to make Woodley look bad. Tyron has always been about speaking up when he feels the UFC is wrong. He’s not at all shy about it. He’s a bit of a thorn in their side in that capacity.

Darren Till is the brash, new, fighter the UFC seems destined to throw the hype machine behind. He has a devil may care attitude that the UFC seems to dig. Sure, in the meantime he says things like he doesn’t care about his kids, and all that is important is his legacy, but he’s young, and hey, his kids aren’t the UFC’s problem. They want a marketable star that will play ball with them and not spout off when things go against him.

So that all having been said, look at the poster and ask yourself when is the last time a champion looked to be such a vast underdog on the advertising for a fight? It’s not been the case in the past. There are supposedly only 3 inches in height difference between them.

Another problem child for the UFC has been Demetrious Johnson, and we all saw how happy Dana White was to run over and put the belt on Henry Cejudo when he won. Hell, Dana was so excited and in such a rush, he put the belt on upside down. You’d have to think he’s thrilled at the notion of Darren Till unseating Woodley as well.

Here’s a look at the poster, as posted via UFC’s Twitter account.