Jacare is ready to chomp on any and all middleweight contenders

Jacare is ready to chomp on any and all middleweight contenders

One of UFC 208’s more decisive victories of the night came when Jacare Souza submitted Tim Boetsch with a Kimura in the first round. The matchup took many by surprise when it was announced, but then again Jacare had to resort to craigslist to find an opponent when no one was willing to step up.

Jacare (24-4, 1NC) is a perennial top contender in the middleweight division, having won 7 fights in the UFC against only one loss, a razor thin decision to Yoel Romero which could have gone either way.

With Romero being next in line to face middleweight champion Michael Bisping upon his return from knee surgery, many would expect Souza to sit back and wait for the winner of that match. Especially if it could mean a rematch with Romero.

While many would expect that to be Jacare’s plan, at last night’s post-fight press conference he revealed that he’s not content to just sit and wait:

“I want to fight the champion, but if that’s going to take a while, I prefer to take another fight because I don’t want to sit around, I wasn’t born to sit around. So I’ll take another fight if it’s going to take too long to get a title shot.”

When pressed on another fight with Romero, Souza was quick point out that that’s a fight that he wants just as bad as a title fight:

“Yes, of course that’s an option, that’s a fight I want. I’ve never lost a rematch, and with Romero, it’s not going to be any different. I’ll prove I didn’t lose to him, I lost to the judges.”

No official timetable has been set for Bisping’s return, although he hinted at possibly being ready to go by May. We know Jacare’s plans, but as we have seen once already, no one seems to be too quick to step up to the plate. So perhaps he’ll be taking his business to craigslist once again to get the ball rolling.