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Jake Shields wins SUG, then slapfights AJ Agazarm.

You know what grappling events needs more of? Slapfights. If it was going to happen anywhere, it would happen at Chael Sonnen’s Submission Underground. Coincidentally, it did.

At SUG 6 in Portland, Jake Shields has just secured a victory over Gilbert Burns. Chael Sonnen entered the cage and did the usual post-grappling questions. He asked Jake what was next for him and Shields responded with some names like Jon Jones or his old rival, AJ Agazarm. Like clockwork, AJ appeared in the cage and tried to square up on Jake.

That’s when the slapping started. Ironically, no one got slapped except for the guy who was trying to break it up, Chael Sonnen. Check out the video and see what has to be Jake Shields in his eighth or ninth post-fight melee.