Jessica Andrade sells UFC fight gear to make ends meet

Jessica Andrade sells UFC fight gear to make ends meet

Jessica Andrade is the Number 2 ranked Strawweight, but she’s struggling.

Jessica Andrade is a ranked UFC fighter, one the verge of a potential world title shot, but she routinely sells her gloves, backpacks and other UFC gear to make it through the month. People will see that in her last fight, she earned 96,000.00 and think she’s being silly. However, that money isn’t going directly into her pocket. She pays taxes, pays a manager, a team fee, and all the costs associated with her camp for the fight.

That’s the aspect of MMA that many fans simply don’t understand. It is really costly for a fighter to run a camp for a fight. They have to pay trainers, sparring partners, in some cases nutritionists and a host of others. Then they have a manager to pay, and Uncle Sam gets his cut as well. Former UFC fighter John Cholish said he barely broke even in his last fight for the UFC.

Jessica says she’s not unhappy with her UFC pay and realizes she’s paid more than other women in the sport. That said, when you’re an elite, championship-level athlete, you shouldn’t be selling your gear to put food in your belly at the end of the month. It comes down to sponsorship¬†opportunities and the UFC’s crippling deal with Reebok.

With Dana White recently saying the UFC is worth 7 billion dollars, it has to sting the fighters when they’re driving to sell their gloves to a fan after a day in the gym. The UFC can do better, and we’re hoping they do.