Joe Lauzon did the fan Q&A on UFC Facebook

Joe Lauzon did the fan Q&A on UFC Facebook

On Sunday January 21 Joe Lauzon will fight for the 23 rd time in the UFC. His opponent is submission ace, Marcin Held. Joe took the time to answer fan questions today. He did a live streaming Q&A from the UFC Facebook page.

How many concussions have you had?

“Not that many. Probably half a dozen in 10 years of fighting, maybe. I’m pretty good about wearing headgear and protecting myself. It just happens in fighting.”

Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

“Conor crushes him in MMA. Floyd beats Conor in boxing. It would be good for Conor. He’d get PAID. 100%”

Are you high?

“Am I high? No, I’m not high. I’m doing media stuff. (Puts camera up close) My eyes do look a little big, but no.”

Would you ever get on the pro BJJ circuit?

“Unfortunately it doesn’t pay like fighting does. I can compete in BJJ when I want to. I’m sticking to fighting.”

*Someone comments on his ears*

“My ears DO look like 2 old Cadillac doors are open. I can’t deny it.”

What do you think of ‘clinch spammers’ on EA UFC 2?

“They’re the worst.”

Thoughts on BJ Penn?

“I’m excited he’s fighting again. He hasn’t won in a long time. He fought some killers in that time. I think he wins on Sunday.”

How are you doing on weight?

“I woke up today at 167.5. Usually I like to be 168 or 169. It’s an easy cut. Piece of cake. An eeeeeasy cut.”

You think you beat Jim Miller?

I do think I beat him. Here’s our theory… I was in blue shorts in the red corner. They got a little confused on the scorecards, we think. This time around, we tried to fix that. I’m wearing blue shorts in the red corner again. I tried to get it changed to the other corner, but they said no. We’ll try to not let it go to a decision.”

What do you think of Meryl Streep saying MMA is not ‘the arts’?

“If my crazy ass Aunt Marie… I love Aunt Marie by the way. If my crazy ass Aunt Marie was ranting and raving about something… I wouldn’t put any weight behind what she said. It wouldn’t really bother me. She’s a crazy old lady.”

Would you want to be in the EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational)?

“Maybe. I’m always up to challenging myself. Again, it doesn’t pay like fighting does. The stars would have to align just right.”

*Someone comments on his accent*

“I talk funny? Yeah. It’s the Boston accent.”