Joe Lauzon became an MMA hero, by admitting he lost a fight that he won.

Joe Lauzon became an MMA hero, by admitting he lost a fight that he won.

It’s not impossible, but it is a rarity to see someone call themselves out in MMA. That’s exactly what Joe Lauzon did at UFN Phoenix last night, after his fight with Marcin held.

After a 15 minute back and forth affair that was predominantly owned by Lauzon’s opponent, Marcin Held, the scores were read. To everyone’s shock and dismay, Joe Lauzon had won the fight. In some cases, these decisions can be questionable. The decision in the Marcin vs Joe fight however, seemed downright incorrect.

I’m not going to lie, but last night when I did the play-by-play for mikeswickcom; Before the result was read, I actually inputted Marcin held as the winner. To me, it was academic. I don’t have a vested interest in either guy, I just know what I saw. What I saw was Joe Lauzon losing the fight. Coincidentally, Lauzon felt the same way.

As the voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer read the results, Joe Lauzon could only shake his head. He knew the contest with Held wasn’t his. When he was declared the winner, you could clearly see him say ‘Nope’. While it was close, it wasn’t close enough to warrant a split decision. Jon Anik took to the cage and addressed Joe’s body language.

“I disagree (with the decision) 100%. This time, that was not my fight. That was 100%, Marcin’s fight.”

This is a rarity in society, let alone athletic competition at the highest level. Sometimes guys can take a lot of punishment in the cage and the fight is a blur. That in itself can make it understandable when someone thinks they won a close fight. Lauzon had no misconceptions about what happened in the cage. He addressed it in the Octagon after his fight, he addressed it with UFC reporter Megan Olivi, and even took to his own Twitter to let his feelings be known.

Joe has won numerous performance bonuses during his UFC tenure. Last night, Joe won the award for ‘Greatest Man Alive’. Fans and fighters took to social media and praised him for being so real and forthcoming. For once, nothing negative was said about a competitor after a fight.

Taking home the ‘show’ and ‘win’ money, going home to little Joey, and the entire MMA world having his back… I’m sure Joe feels like quite the winner today.