Anthony Johnson reveals what is next after fighting. Hint: *Sounds like ‘Mary Wanna’*

Anthony Johnson reveals what life after fighting entails. He went on ex-WWE wrestler Booker-T’s radio show Heated Conversations and told us exactly what is next. After pressing Rumble on coming to the WWE, where he believes AJ could be a star, he asked him what was really in the works.

“We’re opening up a facility, if you know what I mean. It’s for medical uses. We’ve got some good things going on. It’s already big. We’re just waiting on that law to pass and when it passes, we’re golden. We’re playing our cards right and we’re playing by the book, so that way there‚Äôs no issue.”

Originally, everyone thought that Rumble was going to do something for the Los Angeles Rams. The night of his retirement he changed his twitter profile to an all Rams background. Speculation ran wild, but it had nothing to do with football.

Rumble is simply going to be a small business owner. Can you imagine the poor soul who tries to rob the facility while AJ is working?