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Jon Anik with no chill whatsoever as Teruto Ishihara works his mojo

Teruto Ishihara fancies himself a ladies man, Jon Anik isn’tĀ convinced.

I stumbled across this and laughed for a solid twenty minutes. I figured I’d better share it with you guys. At the weigh-ins for UFC 221, Teruto Ishihara was kind enough to take his shirt off for the ring card girls, oozing his typical machismo. Picture Rick Rude’s persona in Jimmy Hart’s body. After his slick pose for the ladies, Jon Anik could not keep from laughing. It’s pretty glorious.

The weigh-ins were not too exciting yesterday, sans Yoel Romero missing weight for a title fight, so thanks to Ishihara and Anik for giving us something to laugh about.