Jon Jones B Sample comes back positive ** Updated **

This looks to be the start of a very dark road for Jones.

We reported on Jon Jones initially failing his UFC 214 test back in August. Typically when a fighter fails a urine test, the B test is going to fail as well. It’s from the same sample, just a second container that can be tested to counter a possible false-negative. In Jon Jones’ case, the B Sample has failed as well. Jon Jones tested positive for the anabolic steroid Turinabol in his drug test after weighing in for his UFC 214 clash with Daniel Cormier.

He passed a blood test the next day, which does nothing to alleviate his current situation, as the blood test does not show whether that PED is in the system.  Only the urine test screens for Turinabol.  Jon Jones and his team will likely be scrambling to find the source of the contamination. Unfortunately, Jones will likely see his victory over Cormier reversed to a no-contest. He’ll likely be stripped of his title. At that point, he faces a suspension which should be two years but could be as much as four years.

Regardless of what caused the positive test, it is the fighter’s responsibility to know what’s going in this bodies and make sure they are safe from these tests.

We will report this story as it develops.

** UPDATE **

The CSAC met this today and officially overturned Jon Jones’ victory and stripped Jones of the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Daniel Cormier has once again been reinstated by the UFC as their Light Heavyweight champion.  He was on UFC Tonight this evening and confirmed the news.  Dana White contacted Daniel this afternoon with the news that he’d once again hold the title.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine someone doing so much to undermine their own talent and achievements than Jon Jones. He will be awarded the opportunity for a hearing in his own defense, but at this point, it seems a minimum of a two-year suspension is looming.