Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar Matchup Will Have to Wait

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar Matchup Will Have to Wait

The highly anticipated bout between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar will have to wait, as many fans have called upon the fighters to square it out in the Octagon. Brock Lesnar, the ex-UFC heavyweight titleholder, is still in WWE with an ongoing contract. That could delay the preparations and setting of the date for the meeting. Jon Jones still holds his hopes high for securing a date for a superfight with the professional wrestler. Bones has shown some genuine reasoning about setting up the matchup, as fans scramble to secure the best place to bet MMA matches.

As soon as Jones knocked out Daniel Cormier in July at UFC 214 to regain the light heavyweight title, the American mixed martial artist invited Lesnar to challenge him without fear, even though professional wrestler is still occupied in the WWE. While preparing for this matchup, Jones hinted about his desire to fight Brock Lesnar, after which he successfully regained the title.

Jones, who has a 23-1 record and is a three-time and reigning Light Heavyweight titleholder, fruitfully outdid his bitter rival to be crowned the winner in the third round. As soon as he openly gave Cormier a taste of his own medicine and squared their differences in a post-fight interview, Jones called upon Lesnar to take up the challenge. He told Brock Lesnar that he will rough him up in the octagon to show that he is beatable even though Jones weighs 40 pounds less than the WWE superstar.

However, in the course of UFC 214 post-fight media interview, Dana White, the UFC president, overlooked the idea of setting up a super-fight between the two bitter rivals. With such a reaction from the boss, it seems the New York native saw his chances for a matchup with Lesnar dim out for now; Even though the ex-heavyweight champion of the UFC just completed one year of his suspension for two positive drug tests.

Jones will have to wait longer because Lesnar remains under suspension, which rests his professional career. When he completes the punishment, he will also have to go through the UFC’s rigorous USADA testing program before making a fresh return to the cage. With such concrete reasons on the table, the WWE superstar can only accept bids to fight in the UFC from the last half of 2018. We also have to factor in that his WWE contract runs until April 2018.

Jones seemed to add up the circumstances surrounding his dream matchup with Lesnar, which he thinks will take some time to materialize. He expressed his sentiments to Michael Strahan of Good Morning America that he is now focusing on fighting in any bout that the UFC presents to him in the meantime.

According to Jones’ perspective, he has high hopes that he can beat Lesnar, which means rising to the heavyweight division. He is not only focusing on triumphing over the WWE superstar, but also stealing some of his many fans outside of MMA, which could be a huge achievement for UFC. He also expressed that Brock’s game is limited and he will capitalize on his weaknesses to win the fight and receive the rewards.