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Jon Jones all but laughs at Chuck Liddell’s desire to fight him

There has been a bizarre dynamic between Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones for years. There has always been this “What if” question looming over the two because of their dominance in the light heavyweight division. Chuck feels that in his prime, he’d beat Jones. He also feels that he could beat him soon. Jones simply laughs at the Iceman for even suggesting it.

Here is Jones’ response to Chuck on the MMA Hour yesterday, claiming he wants two warm-up fights before taking on Jones.

Ouch. Chuck is nearing 50 years old and he’s un-retiring. It’s probably in his best interest to fight people of similar age at this point. Jon Jones has dominated everyone that he’s fought who are in their primes.

Chuck has a fighter’s mentality, but eventually the body ages and can’t keep up with the heart and mind.

Let’s just work on Chuck vs Tito first.