Backyards to Bright Lights: Jorge Masvidal documentary teaser

Backyards to Bright Lights: Jorge Masvidal documentary teaser

It seems a documentary on the life of Jorge Masvidal is coming soon, here’s a look.

Jorge Masvidal is a tremendous competitor in the UFC. However, before he ever stepped into the Octagon, he had a plethora of other fights under his belt. Professional, and amateur. When I say amateur, I mean in the backyards and back alleys of Florida. Kimbo Slice got his start in MMA because people watched his backyard fights. Masvidal was out there doing the same thing.

In fact, Masvidal fought and defeated a protege of Slice’s. After the fight Slice took Masvidal out to a very nice dinner. Masvidal stated in an interview with MMA Junkie that stated:

“He took me out to eat dinner and at the time I was dead broke. He took me to this fancy-ass place and at the time I was like, ‘Damn, this dude’s balling.’ And it was just cool as sh*t. I thought we were going to have to do some thugged-out sh*t, like run out on the bill, but he paid for the whole thing. I was like, ‘Man, this is some crazy sh*t.”

His life has been very interesting and I’m amped to see the documentary when it comes out. In the meantime, you can enjoy the teaser and get excited about his upcoming fight at UFC 217 with Stephen Thompson, which should be bananas.