Jorge Masvidal posts a message and once again, he keeps it 100%.

Jorge Masvidal posts a message and once again, he keeps it 100%.

Jorge Masvidal has always been the same, it’s just that now he’s tired of holding back. Since his victory over Donald Cerrone, he’s been on a social media roasting tour. He is essentially fed up with not getting the fights, respect, or, opponents that he feels he deserves.

I’ve always maintained that the harder you fight Masvidal, the better he is. If you sit back and don’t engage him, not much will happen. If you push him and get in his face, he will lay a beat down on you.

As far as social media, he’s been laying a beat down on everyone and everything.

“It’s your boy Gamebred. Out here in this beautiful wilderness, about to go slay some mountains. Let me tell you the real reason why I’m here, I can’t get a fight at 170. I had to book this vacation. It’s been a month since my fight. I can’t get a fu**ing fight, man. Four dudes… numero quatro have turned down the fu**ing fight.

“F**k all you posers and fakes saying, ‘anybody, any time, any place’. Don’t call me out if you are outside of the top 10. Go eat a d**k, man. For real, I’m gonna make the UFC great again, IF they give me the chance. None of these bullshit match-ups that I’m getting and no motherfu**ing opponents, man. This is fu**king crazy. I’m just going to shadow-box for the rest of my life, it seems like.

Jorge is a fighter, through and through. I imagine it’s tough for him in this new UFC, where it’s not about fighting anymore. Instead, it’s about what sells the fans OUTSIDE of the cage. Hopefully, he smashes enough heads and forces the brass to give the man what he asks for.