Kajan Johnson continues to speak out against UFC higher ups

Kajan Johnson continues to speak out against UFC higher ups

Kajan Johnson continues to have a lot to say about the ‘higher ups’ in the UFC and he isn’t happy with them. Last year at the UFC Fighter Summit, Johnson did not agree with the people telling UFC fighters about how good they had it; Specifically by the Reebok representatives.

Since that time, Johnson has had no filter whatsoever when it comes to anyone with authority in, or surrounding, the UFC organization. After his split decision victory over Stevie Ray this past Saturday, he was booed by the crowd during his post-fight interview and felt like it was classless. He pointed the finger at management (Dana White) and said he was the reason that this kind of thing happens.

“I have a bit of an issue with the fans of mixed martial arts because of the way that they treat the fighters. In my opinion, it stems from the top. A lot of the time you’ll see Dana White giving the fighters so much grief if you don’t go out and just sling leather and bleed for him. Because the leader of the organization acts like this, then it’s so much easier for the fans to act like this. So it really upsets me and it’s a huge problem I have with it.”

Currently, Johnson is on a four-fight win streak. However, him being so vocal have made him a mainstay on every single undercard during his UFC tenure. In fact, the more he wins, the more he moves down the card.

In his last three fights, Johnson has fought in either the first or second fight of the cards.