Kelleher and Lineker have a respectful post-fight Twitter exchange

Kelleher and Lineker have a respectful post-fight Twitter exchange

The two went toe to toe one night and showed respect after the fact.

These days in MMA all you see is beef on Twitter and fighters calling each other out non-stop on social media. Saturday night Brian Kelleher and John Lineker were all business in the cage, doing all they could to finish each other. However, after the fact, Kelleher and Lineker were class acts after the fight on Twitter.

Saturday night John Lineker caught Kelleher with a huge left that finished Kelleher. The two had a good fight and in the end, Lineker’s power was just too much and his highlight reel stoppage late in the third round was a thing of beauty. It would have been easy for Kelleher to be negative about the results, but he wasn’t.

Brian started the tweeting with a message to his fans saying “It’s kill or be killed. Happens to the best. Hats off to John Lineker who’s hands are really made of stone.”

John Lineker responded and then Brian replied yet again. Here’s the exchange. It’s nice to see fighters behaving respectfully.

The win will move John Lineker into the top five in the Bantamweight rankings. He will undoubtedly be looking for a big name fight in his next outing. He’s an absolute blast to watch, so anytime he’s on a card, I’ll be watching.

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