Ken Shamrock reveals how he was the biggest badass in the WWE

Ken Shamrock reveals how he was the biggest badass in the WWE

I know what you are thinking after reading the title; “Duh. Of course Ken Shamrock was the biggest badass during his time wrestling in the WWE”. I know it’s a no-brainer to us, but pro wrestlers didn’t get that memo. When you are at the top of the fighting world (which Ken was at the time) and then come to the WWE, everyone is going to try and test you.

Ken came to the WWE, fresh after the early days of modern MMA. He got into pro wrestling (again) because the UFC ship had sunk. However, Ken came to the WWE with a huge name because of his time in the UFC before they tanked. At this time, pro wrestlers didn’t see the distinction between a skilled fighter and an entertainer.

When you are always the biggest and strongest guy in the room, it’s easy to look at a fighter and say, “You ain’t so bad”. Ken had a reputation for being ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’, so everyone challenged him.

In this interview with Vince Russo, Ken details the time that he had to put a few guys in check; Specifically, The Big Show and Bradshaw. Ken also reflected on how great the ‘Brawl for All’ was. The ‘Brawl for All’ was a short segment and utter failure that the WWE ran during their shows. They featured a ‘toughman’ tournament style of fights. Ken loved it because it showed wrestlers that fighting was a whole different monster than they thought it was.

The interviewer here, Vince Russo, created the ‘Brawl for All’ because Bradshaw had bragged about how he could beat up any WWE wrestler. Ultimately, Bradshaw wound up getting knocked out cold and looked horrible doing it. Bradshaw went on to become JBL and he decided to pick on Mauro Ranallo instead.