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Khabib returned home to a stadium filled with adoring fans

Forget the melee that happened after UFC 229 and focus on the fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov for a second. Khabib’s performance was a dominant one and Dagestan rejoiced at the victory. So, when Khabib returned home, he spoke to a stadium filled with adoring fans who just wanted a glimpse of the conquering hero.

Khabib addressed the stadium and was thankful for their support. Apparently, it was also televised and being shown in movie theaters. He is absolutely huge over there and after strangling the UFC’s golden boy, he’s more popular than ever.

Khabib is still in a bit of hot water after the post-fight fracas, but that will blow over and he’ll be back to smashing heads again.

He is right though… He could sell out a soccer stadium in Russia. The UFC may want to consider an event headlined by him over there.