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Kickboxer sucks at getting knocked out, celebrating, and exiting the ring.

Or… maybe he is good at these things. Nah… he sucks at all three. Never have I seen such a wild scene from one person in the ring or cage. Honestly, I can’t stop laughing.

We all know that when you get knocked out, you are never alright right after you come to. This poor guy wasn’t alright for every second he was in the ring after he was knocked down.

After getting knocked out cold, he got up like the Undertaker at Summerslam. Then, he slipped into unconsciousness again. Once again, he got up; However, this time he raised his hands in victory. Finally when the ref told him he lost the fight, he hastily left the ring.  By hastily, I mean he tried jumping over the ropes and took a digger there as well.

Honestly, that was the only way he could’ve left the ring at that point.