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Kickboxer unloads knockout high kick, opponent folds in slow motion

This is like watching one of those old videos where they collapse a building.

Wow, this one is a good one ladies and gentlemen. The life of a kickboxer. We get a lot of knockouts courtesy of those crazy kickboxers and this one is special indeed. Piotr Romankevich was taking on Dawid Żółtaszek in a kickboxing match when in the third round, it happened. Piotr unleased a perfect high kick and Dawid collapsed in glorious slow motion.  The fight took place at DSF Kickboxing Challenge 14 in scenic Warsaw, Poland.

This high pick, in particular, landed pretty squarely and when it did, Dawid immediately took a nap. He folded to the ground in a slow deliberate motion that was both frightening and entertaining.

As usual, Caposa was on the spot with the video highlight and because of his fine work, you guys can all check out this awesome KO.

That’s definitely going to leave a mark.