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When you get kicked and punched so hard that your body forgets to fall…

In heavyweight fights, we usually see the biggest and most violent knockouts. Zuma fighter Dustin Joynson took on Christiano Catala at Hard Knocks FC 53 and what we got was a big violent knockout. Catala got kicked in the head, punched, and punched again before his body finally fell to the mat.

For a heavyweight, Dustin Joynson is fast. His left kick to the head got up there quickly and stunned Catala, whose body seemed to go on autopilot.  Then, Joynson cracked him with a right hook and Catala’s body almost did ‘the robot’. However, he still remained standing. If you look closely, you can see he landed one more short left uppercut that finally put Catala down for the count.

Here is another view of the epic KO.