King Mo on McGregor vs Mayweather: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk on the phone.”

King Mo on McGregor vs Mayweather: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk on the phone.”

King Mo Lawal doesn’t have an agenda. He never has. What he does have, is a bevy of combat sports knowledge. Mo is a student of the game. He follows the history of boxing, competed in amateur wrestling at the highest level, and has an extensive fight career where he’s been a multiple time MMA champion. If you ask King Mo a combat sports question, his answer will be an unbiased one.
It kills me to see people like Colin Cowherd or  Skip Bayless talking about MMA. They address an enormous audience that consists of predominantly casual fans. When the subject of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather arises; They speak on it, the audience reacts, media gets a hold of it, and the impossible super-fight debate begins.
If you know boxing and MMA, congratulations. You are in the top 2%. Those people you argue with in ‘comments’ sections don’t know anything. Stop arguing with them. Boxing: Floyd Mayweather smashes Conor McGregor, because it is not Conor’s sport. MMA: Conor smashes Floyd, because it’s not Floyd’s sport. Why doesn’t the conversation end here?

Being that King Mo is one of the most well informed fight scholars, I asked him point blank… “Who wins a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor?”

“How can I explain this? Conor McGregor would be the white Apollo Creed when he fought Ivan Drago. He would get murdered. It wouldn’t even be close.”

“In an MMA fight, Conor would probably take Floyd down and pound him out. Conor would look like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Demian Maia combined vs Floyd.”

There is a strange double standard, however. When you pose the question if Conor could beat Floyd in MMA the answer is always yes. As soon it becomes Conor McGregor boxing and beating Floyd, the results are mixed. I truly wasn’t aware of how out of touch casual fans actually were. Mo enlightened me with some gems.

“I know cats that watch boxing and casually watch MMA. They asked me if Anderson Silva will ever fight Chuck Liddell.”

“At a lot of boxing gyms, boxers respect MMA. They’ll say MMA guys have no hands, but it’s crazy what they do.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor talk to each other on the phone.”

“Floyd does his own thing. Conor does his own thing. You think their paths will actually cross unless it’s planned? I can’t see Conor going to the BET Awards.”

So if a casual fan is reading this, please listen to the words of King Mo. Stay away from the ‘experts’ that have never fought that say things like, “…She’s going to get you in her armbar hold move”.

Yes, that’s an actual direct quote from ‘Undisputed’ on FS1.

*All quotes taken from Mo’s interview with Crimson Canvas Radio*