Kohl Laren overcoming demons of child abuse through fighting

Kohl Laren overcoming demons of child abuse through fighting

Kohl Laren is looking to inspire those who feel that there may be no hope in their lives. After years of suffering from child abuse, Laren found his salvation through fighting. Martial arts pulled him from the dark place that he was in and he is documenting his continued journey.

On his Indiegogo page he says:

“I want to share my story, my struggle of overcoming a wretched childhood, not by medicating or counseling, but by embracing the pain. I want to show people there is hope, that you can turn your pain into something positive. Your emotional scars can be used to fertilize your personal growth. Every 10 seconds, a case of child abuse is reported. The standard solutions that are given to deal with our issues are not always adequate.

I have been preparing for this journey for the last couple of years. I have worked myself into delirium, I have bled, and I have cried to get to this point, to this beginning. I have sacrificed the most basic comforts, living in my car to keep my expenses low enough that I could focus on nothing else but this journey. A journey that is just starting, yet has absorbed me completely. The preparations are done, filming has begun. Join me.”

These stories are always particularly brutal to hear, but the triumph that can come from it is often uplifting.