Lauren Murphy posts the biggest Twitter FU to her haters

Lauren Murphy posts the biggest Twitter FU to her haters

Every season on TUF the haters come out in droves. After almost 40 seasons of Ultimate Fighter shows, fans still don’t seem to grasp the concept of it being ‘reality’ tv. Usually, one fighter is singled out as the bad guy and this season it was Lauren Murphy.

Lauren Murphy decided that she and Eddie Alvarez weren’t a good fit, so she decided to move on. She was accused of having a bad attitude because she didn’t like Eddie’s brand of coaching. Now, here’s a quick revelation for you guys; In life, if you don’t like the situation that you are in, you move on from it. That is what adults do.

Yes, Eddie Alvarez is one of the classiest guys in the sport, but that doesn’t mean that he will mesh with every person he comes across. Murphy did her thing on the show and that was that. Period. End of story. Now she’s moved on and is fighting tonight on the TUF Finale card.

Her opponent had visa issues and had to drop out of the fight. Murphy stayed ready and when Sijara Eubanks missed weight, Roxy Modaferri stepped in her place. Barb Honchak had no opponent, but since Murphy stayed ready, Murphy and Honchak will fight tonight.

Murphy took to her Twitter and posted a classy post to her haters, with serious F*U undertones. Score one for the good guys!