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Derrick Lewis, the natural born beast, posts video to end all videos

UFC heavyweight, Derrick Lewis, was born to do this. No, not fight. He was put on this Earth to make people laugh. Fighting comes second to the hilarity that he brings.

Initially, Derrick Lewis posted a video of him in slo-mo in the shower. The music playing was the 1990’s hit by ‘Enigma’, “Sadness”. If you’ve never heard it, it’s basically the song for every video of butter dripping off of a sweaty man’s chest. Or so I’ve heard.

Thank goodness Lewis ditched the original version and posted a new one. This newer version is a showering Lewis watching two guys drop the soap in prison while he flexes and winks.

Did I mention that isn’t a fight news site? We’re just here for the fun, folks.

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