He’s in, he’s out, he’s in. Liam McGeary gets his third opponent in a week.

He’s in, he’s out, he’s in. Liam McGeary gets his third opponent in a week.

It must be hard to train for a fighter if you have no idea who it might be.

For the third time, Bellator 172 main event fighter Liam McGeary has a new opponent.  Let’s take a look at what all has happened in the last week with this fight.  Originally he was set to fight Chris Fields in the main event in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  He had trained and the fight was a week away.  Fields suffered an injury, and the fight is off.

That happens, it’s nothing new in MMA.  So, Bellator scrambles for a new opponent on short notice and comes up with Vladimir Filipovic. He would be making his Bellator debut in the main event.  Not a big deal, it happens.  The first time I saw the news, it just said “Filipovic replaces Fields,’ and I thought Mirko?  No, not Mirko.  Now, two days away from the fight, Filipovic has pulled out of the fight due to injury.

Bellator again found themselves scrambling to save their main event.  This time they opened their Rolodex and found another replacement, in the form of Brett McDermett. McDermett is a British fighter who is 3-3 in his last six fights and will be making his Bellator debut, in the main event of a nationally televised card.

Bellator has to feel like the sky is falling.  Last week they lose their MEGA-main event fight involving Fedor Emelianenko just hours before their fight, and now this main event is held together with bubble gum and duct tape.  Here’s hoping for some good news for the fine folks at Bellator in the not too distant future.

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