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…and just like that, Paulie Malignaggi has left McGregor’s camp.

Less than an hour ago, our very own Dan Rose posted an article about Paulie Malignaggi’s  unhappiness with the McGregor camp. They released photos that didn’t tell the real story from Conor and Paulie’s sparring session. Paulie took exception to their marketing tactics and just like that, he called it quits.

Paulie Malignaggi just quit Team McGregor.

McGregor leaves nothing to chance. He has to hype this fight and keep people believing he can beat Floyd. Of course McGregor is only going to let the world see what he wants them to see. Each photo that was posted online was taken by McGregor’s personal photographer. The photos of the sparring session were all pics of Malignaggi in unfavorable positions. So, every pic looks like Conor is getting the best of him.

Paulie just wouldn’t let these falsehoods be at his expense. He even clarified that he ‘beat Conor’s ass’ during their sparring sessions.

You know Conor fans though… Paulie left because he was tired of getting beat up. *Insert ‘Rolls Eyes’ emoji here*