Lion Fights 38 is bringing the violence! Here are 3 KOs!

Lion Fights 38 is bringing the violence! Here are 3 KOs!

Check out these series of knockouts courtesy of Lion Fights 38.

If you were like me, sitting home on a Friday night suffering through this MMA-less weekend you might have been drawn to Lion Fights 38 on AXS TV. Well, if you were you’ve been treated to some ridiculous violence and knockout fun. For our amazing violence-craving fans I’ll show you three of them. You won’t be disappointed.

The first knockout comes from Cris Mims against another fighter making his professional debut, Brian Borgue.

The next knockout is a hum-dinger that finds it’s victim hitting the canvas in a heap. Jonathan George was taking on Jafar Toshev and he got a little too comfortable. Next thing you know, he was eating a supersized switch kick to the grill, and calling it a night.

The last knockout is another beauty, this time it wasn’t a spinning shot, or a jumping switch kick or any other sorcery. Sometimes a good old fashioned right hook does the trick. Steve Walker uses the old right hand to dispose of Robert Morrow in classic form in this highlight.

It’s been one hell of a night for violence at Lion Fights 38!

Video courtesy of Caposa. If you’re not following him, you should be! Lion Fights 38