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Lorenz Larkin starting a 2017 Revolutionary War with Paul Daley. ‘Murica.

Lorenz Larkin took to Facebook and called out Paul Daley. In a new twist, Larkin goes bigger than Riverside and claims ‘USA’. He starts his own little Revolutionary War with Daley. Larkin goes ham like Hulk Hogan, circa 1986.

“I see your little posts on the 4th of July. I know where you’re from and that shit don’t mean shit. I’m from America! That shit means something. I’m especially not going to argue with a f*****g Brit on my country’s holiday.

If you really want to do this in September, sign the paper. Put your little f*****g English signature on that shit and send it over. Then, I’ll send my shit over.”

Beef these days stems from any ridiculous reason to get a fighter motivated. We rarely see people going after each other and bringing their respective countries into the mix. It’s usually prevalent in the Olympics and soccer, but rarely is it seen in MMA.

Daley responded to Larkin on Facebook.

“I signed and I’m ready. LETS DO THIS!!!!! No more talking. Just, when we get in that cage don’t turn into some point scoring pussy. Live by the sword and let’s get those ratings, BITCH.

When he’s signed the paperwork. The date is set, and fight night arrives. All this talking stops. We will see what Larkin has to offer.”

Sometimes… the fight game can be AWESOME. These guys are already getting fans hyped for a  September clash.