Luis Alvim shows up to watch MMA event, leaves with a belt.

Luis Alvim shows up to watch MMA event, leaves with a belt.

This is one of those stories that are almost too crazy to believe.

This ladies and gentlemen is a true story. The names of the parties involved have not been changed. Luis Felipe Alvim showed up at an event hoping to sell some homemade baked goods. He was going to buy tickets to the event for himself and his girlfriend. Once he arrived at the show, he was disappointed that most of the fans had already filed into the arena.  He opted to use the money he’d saved for bills to instead buy tickets. Turned out, delaying the paying of bills was a great idea.

Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting initially reported the story. He said that Luis went to the back to speak to a couple of fighters who were on the card that evening. Luis was friendly with a number of them and had experience training in MMA. He had not, however, had a fight himself.  As he was in the back, he found out a fighter had dropped out and they were in need of a replacement. After some encouragement from friends and coaches, Alvim was on the card.  Oh yeah, he was in the Main Event and fighting for a Welterweight championship.

How did it play out?

The man who showed up to sell cookies and cakes would be competing for a championship and making his MMA debut. When the night had come to a close, Luis Alvim was leaving the arena with a championship belt, and perhaps a new career in MMA. He won his fight. Luis had to survive some early trouble, but he was able to do just that. Alvim ended up winning the title with a triangle choke. He’d beaten Carlos Eduardo Rufino and earned a title.

Just when you think his night couldn’t get any better, Luis rode his wave of good fortune a bit further, proposing to his girlfriend, who said yes. He showed up with baked goods and left with a gold belt, and a fiance. How can you not love sports?