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Luke Rockhold haters are going to loathe what he had to say about Conor

Like Derek Zoolander, Luke Rockhold is really really ridiculously good looking. This often leads to jealousy by other males and in some cases, even hatred. Luke Rockhold has his fair share of haters, but after backing Khabib Nurmagomedov and clowning on Conor McGregor a bit, Conor fans are going to loathe him.

The thing is, Rockhold isn’t wrong. Yes, Conor was trying to hype a fight during his pre-fight smack talk. However, he crossed way over the line of good taste and made it entirely too personal. This is why Khabib jumped the cage after UFC 229 and went after Dillon Danis. Then again, maybe he just did it because it was Dillon Danis.

Rockhold is just telling the truth from his perspective and can’t be faulted for that. Unless you are a Conor McGregor fan. Then, anything not pro-McGregor is offensive.

In just 8 hours, this video has over 150,000 views. About 149,000 Irish fans are mad at Luke Rockhold now.