Manny Pacquiao’s next fight could be a “Problem”

Manny Pacquiao’s next fight could be a “Problem”

Manny Pacquiao recently took to twitter to ask his fans who they think he should fight next. While Amir Khan was the overwhelming favorite, nabbing 48% of the close to 45,000 votes cast, a bout with Khan could be a problem. Adrien “The Problem” Broner to be specific.

Adrien Broner, who just defeated Adrian Granados via split decision last night, was left off the voting ballot but could very well be one of the biggest names Pacquiao could potentially face.

Broner (33-2, 1NC) was actually in talks with Pacquiao’s team for a fight last year but it failed to materialize. The main roadblock at the time was that Broner wanted a higher guarantee than promoter Bob Arum was willing to pay.

With the list of bankable opponents for Pacquiao dwindling, however, Arum could be changing his tune. Broner eluded early Sunday morning that he has been in contact with Arum once again regarding a bout with Pac-Man, and believes that Arum is now more willing to pay him the guarantee he was seeking.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference last night, Broner mentioned that he wants to make as much money as possible in his upcoming fights to properly support his kids. There may be no boxer more likely to draw the numbers that he’s seeking than Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao (59-6-2) is currently slated to be fighting on April 22nd, and that of course is way too soon for Broner. But Manny also doesn’t currently have an opponent and we are now 2 months out, so there’s always the possibility that the date could be scrapped in favor of a later date with Broner.

While that is merely speculation, pretty much nothing is surprising when it comes to the sport of boxing.

No official word has come from Pacquiao’s camp regarding future talks with Broner.