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Mark Coleman could have been in Gladiator, but he was busy doing stuff

Smack. My. Head. As it turns out, The Hammer, Mark Coleman had the opportunity to act alongside Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe and just totally blew it off. Why? Because he was ‘Kind of busy’ at the time. We all live life with small regrets, but this one is a biggie. The movie turned out to be ‘Gladiator’.

Apparently, UFC ring announcer, Bruce Buffer, hit up Mr Coleman and let him know that an opportunity would be coming up to read for a part in a movie. At that time, Coleman was fighting in Japan for Pride and was about to rattle off 6-consecutive wins in a sort of career resurgence.

Coleman won the Pride Grand Prix in 2000, so it wasn’t like he was just sitting around doing nothing. However, 18 years later and looking in retrospect, the Hammer realizes he may have possibly kind of potentially blew it.