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Now, Mark Hunt takes aim at The Axe Murderer, Wanderlei Silva

Damn, Mark Hunt is on a roll. yesterday he had a field day with Fabricio Werdum and today, he brought Wanderlei Silva into the mix. He posted the message to The Axe Murderer on his Instagram and it was similar to what he said to Werdum yesterday.

There is no word on what prompted this most recent tongue-lashing aside from Wanderlei being friends with Werdum. regardless, Hunt gave Wand the business.

He must be referencing Werdum when he says,

“You have no job. Enjoy the Favelas, bitch.”

Wanderlei is headlining Bellator in two weeks, for his fourth fight against Rampage Jackson. So, Hunt’s ire seems a bit misdirected. That is unless there is some underlying beef that has been boiling between the two.

Whatever the case is, Mark Hunt is on a rampage right now!