*Exclusive* Mark Hunt talks UFC 209 not set and the terms he needs to fight again.

*Exclusive* Mark Hunt talks UFC 209 not set and the terms he needs to fight again.

Mark Hunt isn’t afraid. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and certainly not afraid of any man in a cage. Hunt happens to do 2 things really well.

  1. Knock people’s souls out of them.
  2. Be vocal about his distaste for cheaters.

Mark Hunt has gone ballistic on both Lesnar and how the fight was handled in the last few months. After Hunt lost his bout with Lesnar back in July, Lesnar tested positive for the banned substance ‘clomiphene’. The Super Samoan wasn’t happy with how the situation was handled and he let everyone know that he wasn’t okay with it. He threatened lawsuits against both the UFC and Brock Lesnar, if they didn’t right the wrong.

MikeSwick.com spoke with Mark Hunt today and he sounded quite frustrated. His main frustration stems from not having a special clause in his fight contract. The clause he wants added is that if his opponent is caught doping, their entire purse goes to Hunt. He made it abundantly clear to us that he is sick of fighting cheaters and wants an even playing field.

“I’ve actually agreed to 4 fights already. I agreed to Melbourne, Canada , Brooklyn next year, and also agreed to Overeem in March. They won’t put a clause in the contract and I don’t know why. It doesn’t hurt the company, it only hurts the cheater.”

“Just put a clause in my contract and I’ll fight anyone. They’ve offered me a bunch of fights and I accepted all of them. They even offered me Anthony Johnson and I accepted that too. Every fight I accepted and said, “Put the clause in my contract.”

“Just take away their financial incentive and it changes everything. A lot of these guys excuses are that it doesn’t affect you. Well, obviously it does. If not, why would you take it?”

“What kind of example are we setting for kids that want to be the next DC, Cain or Ronda Rousey? To get this level you need to be taking steroids. It’s bullocks. It’s bulls*it”

“If a fight doesn’t go ahead, it’s not because of me. I was thinking about just reaching out to Dana White and saying, ‘Why don’t we just solve the rubbish and put the clause in and move forward’.”

We asked Mark about expecting that Lesnar would go for a takedown and if you were to fight Overeem, would he do the same.

“Everyone wants to take me down. Lesnar, he was strong as f*ck, that guy. I couldn’t even move him. I don’t even think he made weight. There was no way a muscle bound guy like that could make 265. I struggled to make it and he was so much bigger than me.”

Mark commented on possibly walking away from the sport.

“Of course I want to fight for the UFC title. I believe I can be the best in the world, but not on 3 1/2 weeks notice. I want a full camp against a clean opponent. If we go ahead with this lawsuit though, my career is over and it’s all because of this cheating scenario.”

Obviously Mark wasn’t happy with how everything has played out, so we asked if he felt any solace after Brock Lesnar was fined $250,000, got the fight overturned, and suspended.

“(Scoffs) What kind of penalty did he have? He paid his $250,000 and kept the rest of his $20 million or whatever he got paid. Then he went to WWE and still makes money. I mean, what kind of message are we sending? It pays to do the WRONG thing? We are going to probably reach out 1 more time before we go ahead with the lawsuit.”

Hunt hasn’t stopped training, which is a good thing. He sounds willing to work things out with the UFC if they will honor his requests. Mark still has a 5 fight contract that he’d really like to complete. However, he was adamant that fighting at UFC 209 has NOT been signed yet. Until the clause is in his contract, it seems nothing will be confirmed.

Do you agree that there should be a clause in the fighters contracts that will take their entire purse if they get caught doping? Sound off in the comments below!

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