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Miss the Matt Brown elbow of doom? We’ve got you covered.

Matt Brown delivers the most fearsome elbow I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you get elbowed so hard you go to sleep right there in the middle of a cage. Matt Brown entered the Octagon with retirement on his mind. I’m guessing he might change his mind now. He and Diego Sanchez on paper is an explosive scrap, it was in reality as well.

Matt Brown caught Diego’s leg after a kick attempt and backed him into the corner. What happened next? Matt Brown wound up and threw an elbow shot from the heavens, that separated Diego Sanchez from reality and sent the crowd into a fury. At least the live crowd. The home audience was treated to a technical error that cut away from the event to an empty press room. Someone got fired for that.

At any rate, Matt Brown had his family at the event and his two sons joined him in the Octagon post-fight. I know he might have an urge to continue the career, but how can you go out with anything better than that? Thanks for the memories Matt Brown!

Video provided by UFC on Fox.

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