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Matt Hughes gets special tribute during Fight Night 124.

The UFC held a nice tribute for Matt Hughes during the Fight Night St Louis event.

Matt Hughes, as many of you remember was involved in an accident where his truck was struck by a moving train in June of last year. He was in a coma and his recovery was in no way a sure thing. Matt Hughes showed the same grit he had when he was a fighter, and fought for his life in the hospital. He has recovered to a major degree and those close to the situation consider it a bit of a miracle.

Last night the UFC set up a moving tribute to Matt Hughes. He walked on his own from the back as his theme played in the arena. We’ve seen Hughes make the walk before while “A country boy can survive” played in the background but this was a different Matt Hughes. The fans showed him tremendous respect and the crowd stood and cheered wildly.

He was met at cageside by Dana White and the two of them hugged and he took a seat next to the boss to watch some fights. It was a nice moment for Matt Hughes and a classy move from the UFC.