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Matt Serra details subduing drunken idiot at Red Rock

By now, most MMA fans have seen the video of Matt Serra subduing a drunk moron. In fact, most PEOPLE have seen the video because it went viral. Now, we finally have Matt’s first hand account of the whole thing and as expected, it is glorious.

It turns out that Matt was at the Red Rock having dinner with his family. He was seated with his wife and three kids, his sister, and his nephew. In walked the drunk guy and he started causing chaos. His girl was passed out and he began berating the staff. The guy was making a scene and when Matt Serra stood up, he singled Matt out.

Matt then took the guy down and worked his zillionth degree black belt to subdue him.

“I took him down, dude, and I got a bigger applause than I did at my first f*****g GSP fight. The audience erupted.”

Matt claimed that he gave him a free jiu-jitsu lesson. Sober people don’t even get that! Lucky drunk bastard.