Rolling Stone names Max Holloway their Fighter of the Year

Rolling Stone names Max Holloway their Fighter of the Year

Rolling Stone named their 2017 Fighter of the Year, Max Holloway is an excellent choice.

It’s that time of year when websites will be naming their year-end awards. In fact, spoiler alert, you’ll see a list of ours next week. Rolling Stone is, of course, a very well known corporation and winning their Fighter of the Year is a pretty big deal. Last year, Michael Bisping was their choice. This year, Rolling Stone selected Max Holloway, the Featherweight Champion of the world as their choice.

Max Holloway had a good year by anyone’s standards. He became a champion and then defended his championship against the man considered the best Featherweight of all time. Outside of the cage he really exploded in terms of fan base, and he had feel-good stories as well, like when he bought his mother a new truck.

He spoke to Rolling Stone and was very excited about their selection. He had this to say.

“It’s surreal. When I found out I was like, ‘Holy sh*t. This is cool as sh*t.’ I’m not going to lie. There’s a bunch of fighters who could have been up for ‘Fighter of the Year’ – Robert Whittaker, Rose Namajunas, Demetrious Johnson. To be chosen, it’s in my nickname: I’m ‘Blessed.”

Max Holloway fought twice this year, and both times it was against Jose Aldo. Max’s performance in those two fights have him on legend status in the UFC and his combination of elite skills and carefree fight style make him a favorite. Couple that with his humble and generous nature outside the cage, and the 26-year-old champion is truly blessed.