Mayhem Miller arrested is a sad tale of getting in his own way again

Mayhem Miller arrested is a sad tale of getting in his own way again

It’s the age-old tale, a song you’ve heard before. ‘Jason Mayhem Miller has been arrested again’ has been in headlines more than any fight news over the past five years. Well, apparently, ‘Jason Mayhem Miller has been arrested again’.

It’s hard for me to write these types of articles considering Jason used to be a very good friend of mine. He has since spiraled downward and gotten in trouble with the law multiple times. Now, it’s been reported that once again, he is in trouble with the law.

Marc Raimondi at reported that the unique and spirited former fighter was arrested on felony vandalism charges. It remains to be seen what happens to him, but at this point, it seems that only Jason is the one who can help Jason.

“Jason Miller was arrested Friday on a felony charge that could violate his existing probation.

The former UFC and Strikeforce star was arrested Friday and charged with felony vandalism, per online records. Miller, best known by his nickname “Mayhem,” is currently in custody without bail set in Orange County, Calif. He pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Tuesday and is due back in court Oct. 31 for a bail review.

Miller, 37, is being accused of entering a woman’s house and destroying some of her property Friday, including smashing a marble table, punching holes in and removing the doors to the home and derailing the garage door, per Orange County District Attorney spokesperson Michelle Van Der Linden.”

His last brush with the law came last year when he was given three years probation. I’m no legal expert, but violation of that probation could lead to a prison sentence.