Floyd Mayweather stops Conor McGregor in the 10th Round by TKO

Floyd Mayweather stops Conor McGregor in the 10th Round by TKO

Conor McGregor did himself proud Saturday night, but in the end, he was outgunned.

Saturday night the world watched as Conor McGregor made his debut as a professional boxer on the biggest stage in sports. The confident Irishman was facing arguably the best pound for pound boxer of our generation and many felt it would be a laugher.  It wasn’t. Conor McGregor banked the first rounds by being active, landing a jab and doing some work with his left. Floyd, for his part, was content to play defense and allow McGregor to burn his gas. It was a smart gameplan.

By the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds, Mayweather was steady out punching and clearly beating a tired fighter. Conor looked like he was on fumes in the final three rounds of the fight. He didn’t give up, but he was being walked down by Floyd and wearing some of it on his face. Blood leaked from his mouth, his eyes were swelling and the momentum was clearly on the side of Floyd.

In the 1oth Round, Floyd pressed the action and looked to close the show. He battered Conor with lefts and rights and had an exhausted McGregor stumbling around a bit. After a five punch combination along the ropes, Conor was hurt. He’d later say he was just tired, but he was getting unloaded on, with no answer in sight so the referee stepped in and waved it off.

The aftermath.

With the victory, Floyd moved to 50-0 and said that without question this was his last fight. Conor was not as certain what his boxing future holds.  He said he’d be returning to the UFC “for sure” and he enjoyed boxing so that’s an option as well.

I’m beginning to think if Conor wants to play 2nd base for the Yankees next year, he can do it. There are no limits to what his mind can conceive and his physical prowess will allow. He did himself, and MMA proud with his performance. It was quite a night and I doubt people came away from it disappointed for this experience.