Conor McGregor wins award. Goes shirtless with Richard Branson

Conor McGregor wins award. Goes shirtless with Richard Branson

‘Conor McGregor goes shirtless with Richard Branson’ is not something I thought I would ever type. Yet, here we are. It’s not a clickbait article, either. Exactly what you see in the title, is in the article.

Sir Richard Branson’s money makes ‘Diddy Money’ look like pennies. So, when the 67-year-old billionaire is going to present Conor McGregor with an award, you don’t need to tell Conor twice to show up.

Branson presented Conor McGregor with the ‘Pendulum Summit Lifetime Achievement Award’ in Ireland. Conor is 29-years-old; Not exactly what I’d consider a ‘Lifetime’, but I digress.

Branson posted to his blog on

“I was also delighted to be invited to be a guest speaker at the Pendulum Summit (and all the proceeds from my speaking engagements go to Virgin Unite). I spoke to a huge crowd of entrepreneurs and was surprised on stage with a visit from the one and only Conor McGregor. In typical Irish fashion, Conor was up the craic and we jested around on stage and practiced out some martial arts on each other (I have to say I’m more fond of a fierce game of tennis singles!).

I was only a little worried when I convinced him to take off his top and take the fight seriously and he did – luckily I’ve been getting super fit for my trip into space. It’s not every day I get to mess around with a UFC champion and it was a lot of fun.”

Then, yes, they took their tops off.