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McGregor in court for speeding. Apologizes. Speeds away.

See guys? Even Conor McGregor does stuff that we normal people do. In fact, today Conor McGregor was in court to address a speeding ticket. However, when Conor McGregor deals with a speeding ticket, the entire world is interested.

As of late, McGregor has been acting as if he’s bigger than the Beatles. His day in court was no different.

Conor pulled up in his new fully loaded BMW and just left it parked on a curb with the doors open. He went into court and cracked some jokes, apologized for driving too fast, and then left.

Ironically, after paying a ticket for exceeding the speed limit, McGregor revved the engine and sped off. Of course, he did it with a message. With his window rolled down; McGregor smirked and told reporters,

“Come and get me.”

Somewhere, Artem Lobov wept, for not being invited.