Conor McGregor is making big time business moves

Conor McGregor is making big time business moves

You can find UFC superstar Conor McGregor’s name and face just about everywhere in the sports news. He’s currently amidst a huge feud with undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather. Floyd recently said that Conor is following the Mayweather blueprint; and keeping with the trend, McGregor pulled another very Mayweather-esque business move.

Two filings appeared on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website recently. Conor McGregor, through his company McGregor Sports and Entertainment, filed trademark applications for both his name, and his nickname “Notorious”.

The filings state that McGregor plans on using the trademarks for shaving products, video games, books, clothing, restaurants, barbershops, and health clubs. Talk about being a business man.

Currently, Conor has a sponsorship deal with Reebok, but they do not own the rights to his name or his nickname. The same goes with the UFC. McGregor is further cementing himself as his own business, something that could strike fear in a promotion.

Mayweather has filed close to 250 patents over the last 7ish years, so he will no doubt take credit for McGregor’s recent business moves.

McGregor calls himself that king, and every king has an empire. It looks like Conor is building his.

*Story first reported by Darren Rovell of ESPN*