Conor McGregor, the pinstripes on your suit are no pinstripes at all, mister!

Conor McGregor just got a little more gangster in my book. For all intensive purposes, Conor McGregor wore a nice suit with pinstripes to the presser. Upon further review, those stripes weren’t stripes at all.

What looked like pinstripes are Conor's suit were anything but.

That’s why he has the nickname ‘Notorious’, I guess. Conor knew that no one would see the small embroidery on his suit on camera, but he did it regardless. Why? Because after the presser was over, people like me would write articles about it.

This guy is so smart and markets himself like a boss. He makes it so that when people are done talking about him, they are still talking about him.

Freakin’ genius.